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    Annual Finnancials

    All amounts in millions of US Dollars except per share amounts.

    Income StatementDec 14Dec 13Dec 12
    Revenue 15,879.016,385.017,621.0
    Cost of Goods Sold3,932.04,619.04,610.0
    Gross Profit 11,947.011,766.013,011.0
    Gross Profit Margin75.2%71.8%73.8%
    SG&A Expense4,822.04,939.05,017.0
    Depreciation & Amortization-- 763.0 681.0
    Operating Income2,381.03,096.02,260.0
    Operating Margin15%18.9%12.8%
    Nonoperating Income0.0(6.0) 262.0
    Nonoperating Expenses--(199.0)(182.0)
    Income Before Taxes2,381.02,891.02,340.0
    Income Taxes 352.0 311.0(161.0)
    Net Income After Taxes2,029.02,580.02,501.0
    Continuing Operations2,029.02,580.02,501.0
    Discontinued Operations------
    Total Operations2,004.02,563.01,960.0
    Total Net Income2,004.02,563.01,960.0
    Net Profit Margin12.6%15.6%11.1%
    Diluted EPS from Total Net Income 1.20 1.54 1.16

    Balance SheetDec 14Dec 13Dec 12
    Current Assets
    Net Receivables--3,360.03,083.0
    Other Current Assets--10,472.03,125.0
    Total Current Assets--18,916.09,521.0
    Net Fixed Assets--4,579.05,333.0
    Other Noncurrent Assets--15,097.021,043.0
    Total Assets--38,592.035,897.0

    Liabilities and Shareholders' EquityDec 14Dec 13Dec 12
    Current Liabilities
    Accounts Payable--2,559.02,202.0
    Short-Term Debt-- 359.0 826.0
    Other Current Liabilities--9,522.05,251.0
    Total Current Liabilities--12,440.08,279.0
    Long-Term Debt--7,981.06,568.0
    Other Noncurrent Liabilities--3,017.07,427.0
    Total Liabilities--23,438.022,274.0


    Shareholder's Equity
    Preferred Stock Equity--0.00.0
    Common Stock Equity--15,154.013,623.0
    Total Equity--15,154.013,623.0
    Shares Outstanding (thou.)1,658,776.51,641,000.01,630,000.0

    Cash Flow StatementDec 14Dec 13Dec 12
    Net Operating Cash Flow--3,5456,941
    Net Investing Cash Flow--(572.0)(6,727.0)
    Net Financing Cash Flow(1,068.0)(4,333.0)
    Net Change in Cash1,930.0(4,120.0)
    Depreciation & Amortization 763.0 681.0
    Capital Expenditures(537.0)(548.0)
    Cash Dividends Paid--(2,309.0)(2,286.0)

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